Monday, December 15, 2008

just a bit.....

I was very young when I experienced my first encounter with the creepy. I was 6 and just came back from playing handball at the park with my father and sister. we walk threw the door of our apartment and my dad and sis go straight to the back room to check on my mother. I stood behind to take off my jacket and that's when it caught

my eye.
it was under the couch, you see we had those couches the was raised and you could easily see under it. anyway, it was a dark mass with big bright eyes. its movement reminded me of spider man would be when he is on the wall in comic books. its scared me bad. I felt this thing was ....well, I don't want to say evil. I was only 6 so I will say it felt not right.
it kept moving side to side and I remembered I still had my handball.
I don't know what came over me but I threw the ball as hard as I could at the thing.
boy, did it hit! it screamed such a god awful scream that I never ever want to hear ever again. it was a screech that was horrible. when i heard that I felt like this thing is going to kill me so I ran to the backroom and I told my mother about it. needless to say she didn't believe me and no one heard the scream. I know what I saw and heard. I know it. and that people was my first of many encounters I had even to this day.

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