Monday, December 15, 2008


10 years ago I lived in this old building . when I first moved there I didn't feel anything strange of it. that was until I got pregnant with my third son. I began to see shadows and the radio would go on at night by it self. mind you it would go on full volume!. one night I was at home alone and I watched as a shadow hand got close to the radio and turned it on. that's when I knew I was not a nut. I ran to my room and locked the door till someone came home.
again, no one believed me so I kept it to myself. till my sister had her own fright.
she was taking a shower and she just ran out the bathroom buck naked! she was screaming "there's somebody in the bathroom!" but I was there and no one went into the bathroom. she described to me what she saw...
it was a white man with dark unkempt hair. he had a crazed look. and his eyes where wide open like a crazy person.
he was peeking from a corner.
when she saw that it freaked her out so bad that she just ran right passed it.
well from then on she believed me.
I have seen it all. watery black mass as big as the door frame, ghost babies, the floor in the living room lit up bright in the middle of the night.
it was not long after that when every one started to see things happen. I was late into my pregnancy and my son was 7 at the time when one night he woke me up. he was shaking his eyes where big and teary.
he told me he woke up to use the bathroom and when he finished he saw a man that looked like Abe Lincoln (I asked him is he sure. and he told me the man had the same type of hat that Abe Lincoln has on the pictures in school) after that he began sleeping in my room. shortly every one began sleeping in my room!.
but remember this all started when I got pregnant with my third son and soon it will leave with him. about 2 months of giving birth it got worst. the shadows, the lights all escalated. and on December 26 I saw the hand come at us and I was so scared I just covered my eyes. I knew that hand was coming to touch me. but it didn't, the next day my son passed away.
doctors say it was crib death but with all that happened...i just don't started with my son and ended with him.

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