Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The house that spilled blood

Echoing the bizarre scenes from horror movies (and the dubious associated claims), a small house in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, dripped blood. Deputy officer Marco Antonio Ferreira, who investigates the case, have discarded the idea that foul play may have been involved, as the people who live in the house are a retired elderly couple above all suspicion.
This past Sunday and Monday night, around 6:30 PM, they complained about a liquid that looked like blood that started to drip from the walls from a height of around 15 cm in the bathroom, living room and one of the bathrooms.
“I was already going to archive the case, as in a preliminary analysis we thought the liquid could be paint. But it is blood”, Ferreira told the news. He also dismissed the hypothesis of a homicide in the house. “Blood is tissue. It only comes from a living person. I visited the house and I have seen that everything was fine. There is nothing wrong there. I may even go back there to have a cup of coffee with the couple,” he joked.
The couple is scared and doesn’t want to talk with the press. They don’t event want to be named.
But if that wasn’t bizarre enough, the last bit is simply priceless. The neighborhood where everything is happening is called… “Jardim Bizarro”, or “Bizarre Garden”.
People are seemingly very Catholic around there, including the couple, who first things first, immediately called a priest. But they don’t want to move. A group of around twenty Catholic ladies also visited the house to pray and help clean the mess.
Another neighbor, identified as Angela, told that the couple is above any suspicion — “I know them for years. They lived here for 38 years. For my part, I lived here for the past 50 years. Nothing like that ever happened.” Good for them.
She also tells how the neighborhood may be finally living up to its name, as “everything around here has always been very peaceful. But around a week ago, a young man was murdered, another was thrown from a train and now, blood is dripping from nowhere. We are scared.”
“They say the fact that our village has ‘bizarre’ in the name attracts bad luck. It may well be. We should change. But ‘Bizarro’ is the surname of a very traditional family of the region. They owned a construction material shop in the past. A name like any other”.

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Sam said...

thats scary stuff, i'd hate to have to be the one constantly cleaning it all up