Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The case of demonic exorcism

Submitted by Paul Dale Roberts
Not too many things scare me and that is why I am in the ghost hunting business. There is only one thing that really scares me. It's called the human monster. I recently watched a movie, that is based on a true story, it's called Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door. Fangoria Magazine and Rue Morgue gave this movie rave reviews. The human monster is a woman. When she takes in 2 of her orphaned nieces, she and her 4 sons torture these two young girls in the basement of their home. The torture is hard to watch and I found myself closing my eyes at certain parts. I usually don't do this in horror films, but knowing that this story is based on a true story, made my skin crawl. I could only wonder if a human monster like this can be possessed by a demon? Can someone actually be this evil? Tonight, I was headed for Border's Books to talk with Tashawna Sumner, Manager of ATHOME PRODUCTIONS www.myspace.com/colorsofthought and her musician boyfriend Anthony Savedra about a future Nevada City scouting mission in which they will be the guides. Her boyfriend Anthony, a singer and songwriter was belting out some incredible songs, that had the whole place at Borders placed into an ambiance of fulfilling harmony with lyrics and tunes that warm the soul. Both Tashawna and Anthony are interested in the paranormal and they will have fantastic sights to show the paranormal investigators-in-training.

After, I finished talking with Tashawna and Anthony, I pondered.

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