Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Black Hand

The Black Hand
by Anonymous

I had an experience as a child that I kept within me for many years. Now, this is not some great bed-shaking, poltergeist story. Rather, it is quite simple, terrifying then, now eerie, and curious. After all these years I decided to search the Web to see if there was anyone else out there who reported something similar. I did. One has written a book with almost the same title. Either we unrelated children have all the same disposition to hallucination, or something really was there.

My experience happened at my home in Miami, Florida around 1973-74. I was only 7 or 8 years old. I was in bed when I felt a presence in my room that drew my attention to the foot of my bed. There, from what appeared to be just beyond the bedspread, a five-fingered black, very black, hand stood motionless. The fingers were all extended and the palm was facing me. The thumb position indicates it was the right hand, as if something was reaching up from under the bed. I was so terrified, I could not scream, I could barely breathe. I remember wanting to throw something at it. Despite this "memorable" event, I now cannot remember how this all resolved that terrifying night. Somehow, I fell asleep, but the memory will be with me always.



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Melinda said...

I saw it repeatedly - living in more than one house - until I was in first or second grade.this shadowy but solid hand reached from the side of the bed and sometimes felt around, as if trying to find me but couldn't reach far enough. I always got really freaked out and Mom always said I was just having a bad dream. But I never believed her.