Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doll Story - A haunted doll

Author Heather Graham talks about the real-life doll that inspired the "Chucky" horror movies.

robert the doll

Robert the doll is a real haunted doll says Becky Nichols. My camera would not work I changed the batteries 4 times finally I took out a disposable out of all the pictures this is the only one that came out, Kris Mackle.
Robert is a ghost haunted doll says Raynond  Chosa, and everybody does not love him ! This Haunted doll Photo from Key West florida scares me, ghostt photo of Robert fron Nina England.

October 24th, 2004 was officially proclaimed by the Mayor of Key West to be "Robert the Enchanted Doll Day."

Robert The Haunted doll was said to have been given to Gene
by a Bahamian girl whose exact relation to the family remains
one of Robert's many mysteries.

Many believe the girl was the daughter of ill-treated servants of the Otto family. Speculation as to his creation include that the doll contains a real haunted magical crystal or was made much like a real haunted New Orleans voodoo doll, thereby creating his dark evil everlasting entity.

Whatever his secret voodoo hoodoo origins of creation, Robert is is said to be very much more then just possessed and his ongoing paranormal or supernatural activities continue to be reported to us more often then not.

I Know he's haunted says Theo Moss, I said show me something Robert and this is what I caught  on film. Paula Took this Photo of robert the haunted doll and after that the camera has never worked again she says and it was brand new!
The rest of My film was blank says Warren  Taggart.  I took one photo from his right side--no problem. I moved to his left side and took another photo. This time my digital camera made a whining noise and cut off. Photo from  Ellen Bain Smith

Robert the very haunted doll was the play pal stuffed toy doll of Robert Gene Otto, an artist who lived in the same house all his life. When Gene, as he was called, was given the doll he was five years old. It was the custom around 1900's to give a small lone child a doll that looked like them as a fill in playmate.

Also very much a fact Robert the doll is the size of a 5 yr old child. He has real human hair, and buttons for eyes. Gene used to dress the doll in his own clothes. He also gave it his first name Robert.

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